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ice pano # 3621

ice pano # 3621


8 responses to “1 28 13

  1. This is very cool. Completely unexpected and very much like air photo or satellite image tiles of a lake shore or tundra. Somehow it seems transparent too.

    • Thanks, ehpem, I’m glad you like this. I photographed this for my “Cosmic Ice” project and thought it might make an interesting addition with the pano. It’s a two panel pano and, just out of frame on the right, was an ugly piece of drift wood. So I tilted the camera to avoid getting it in the frame and to get some interesting ice as well. I knew the stitching together was going to be a little off but I went ahead anyway. I’m happy with the result.

    • Thanks, John. I intentionally did not line up the frames as one normally would on a panorama to avoid getting some driftwood included, which I knew at the time I could not clone out. So I tilted the camera for the second frame (on the right) and let Photoshop do the stitching work. Then I just placed it on a black background. It came well enough for me to attempt the technique with multiple frames in the future. I’m glad you like it.

  2. I think this is sensational. Yes, unexpected and fascinating. Your innovative processing with the purposely unaligned frames creates a teriffic graphic. You are off to a fantastic beginning with your new projects. Of course, I don’t think any of your viewers is surprised by that. Congratulations, for getting this together so quickly and so beautifully.

    • Thanks, Anita. It really hasn’t been very quick for me as I’ve been thinking about this a long time. These long winter nights have helped me realize some of my projects. I’m glad you like the concept. More than anything this is a showcase of what I consider my best work.

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