2 21 13

# 0037

# 0037


16 responses to “2 21 13

    • Thanks, John. Yes, the original is a Kodachrome (64 I think) that was converted this past weekend. Very little processing in LR4. I’ve had a print hanging in the house for about the last 10 years but the photo goes back almost 20 years.

    • Thanks, Charles. This is from a Kodachrome original and there was very little post processing, except to adjust the color balance slightly. I had a diffuse on the lens when it was shot. The photo is one of my personal favorites, shot at the Botanical Gardens in Ontario, Canada.

    • Thanks, ehpem. Yes, it’s a converted slide as accurate to the original as I can get at this point. The students at the Gardens were clipping the blooms from the shrubs and placing them in a motorized cart. I shot this from the back of the cart.

    • Thanks, Andy. I went through a phase of soft focus, experimenting with different techniques to get a certain effect. Some worked but others didn’t. This effect is much easier to achieve now.

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