3 4 13

test 2B # 4215

test 2B # 4215


5 responses to “3 4 13

  1. I like how you have presented these two shots as one image – they work well together. Is there any colour in the left side? My eyes keep on telling me there is a bit here and there, but when I look closely I can’t really see it. I think it is a subtle effect of being next to the other photo.

    • Thanks, ehpem. These are shots of the back sides of headstones in a very old graveyard near our house. They are both in color with little correction. I tend to tone down the blue from the sky/snow around them because the stones themselves are not blue. I tried several combinations of the shots from this day and I thought this was the best.

      • Ah! So I did see some colour in there. What a great way to present headstones. A diptych seems so appropriate. It would work for the fronts of them too I bet, though in a non-abstract way.

          • diptych and dipstick somehow pop up together in my mind. But your one is a good diptych. There must be some kind of cliché lesson about learning from good examples rather than bad ones. Good thing you came round to ignoring (or forgetting) the bad one.

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