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  1. Okay Ken. Two blogs? What’s up with that? Though I have considered starting a second version of Visual Notebook called Visual Notebook Monochrome, featuring, yes, monochrome only images…

    Very good image. As with Linda, the grunge goes well here.

    • Thanks, John. The grunge is straight out of the camera, not much adjustment except of cropping slightly. In my 35mm days I liked to “fill the frame” (this is from an old Kodachrome).
      This blog, with photos only, is more of a showcase of what I feel to be my favorite photos, sort of the “best of…”, at least by my own standards. There is no dedicated theme and the photos are (usually) unrelated to each other even if they are a part of a series. If there are any questions, technical or on any other level, I’m more than happy to explain, in as much detail as necessary, through comments. I think the monochrome only blog a great idea and I hope you go forward with this plan. It might be interesting if you ping back to your present blog with the conversions with your thoughts on them.

      • I’ll keep the monochrome blog idea around for the forseeable future – but it won’t see the light of day until I somehow increase numbers going to my regular blog – seems like the numbers have been diminishing steadily this year. Have you seen that with yours? I think I’m posting some decent images and I feel my writing isn’t bad, so I’m not sure how to bump the levels…

        • I seldom look at the stats for either blog. While I think it would be nice to have a larger following, it’s not the main reason I started the blogs. But a quick check shows the visits to this blog are about half of the other, more traditional blog, and combined they are quite less than the old ONEOWNER blog. I guess a lot of fans from that blog didn’t make the move to the newer blogs. I admit I don’t make much effort to lure new visitors, I’ve even cut back or eliminated tags and keywords for each post and I intentionally did not include a blog roll. So, you may ask, “What’s the point of the blogs if hardly anyone sees them”? Good question. They are a way of sharing thoughts and ideas with anyone (and everyone) who finds them regardless of the numbers. That comes from the photos, not my pathetic attempts at writing. I try to keep things lighthearted and informative, rather that some of the personal journals and soap boxes that some others prefer. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not me. The photos are personal enough.

          • Good points. I should probably be less concerned about it as well. I imagine the stats will swell and contract off and on as time goes by – sort of a normal cycle. If I really want more readership, maybe I should start reviewing equipment…that seems to draw quite a bit. But then, I don’t want to be about the equipment. C’est Le Vie – I’ll just float along and see how it goes. Thanks for the thoughts, Ken!

        • Ken, these Kodachrome shots sure are nice. Keep them coming! This is a very nice shot – I like the composition and the power of that number.
          John, I have seen a significant decline in views. I am not out and about reading and commenting as much as before, or would like, so I put a lot of it down to that. But also, if people view the blog through WordPress reader, then you don’t get a view count, though they might ‘like’ the blog. I think the new layout of reader is also a factor – my stats show less than 1/4 views to the number of subscribers that I have, and many of those are searches and referrals from elsewhere.

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