4 25 13

# 1177

# 1177


6 responses to “4 25 13

    • Thanks, ehpem. The tree and picnic table are on a hilltop. I shot it at the bottom of the hill and I think that gives it a strange perspective. Also, Just beyond the tree is Lake Ontario, so there is nothing but the sky as the background.

  1. It’s probably a bad thing, but I’m not one who usually considers, at least consciously, the mood of a piece. Instead, I usually focus on the composition, colors, lines, and other formal qualities of a photograph. This one hit me in the gut. I saw the empty picnic table as sad and lonely, then looked up and saw the piece of blue sky: hope. I think the tree—almost leafed out—reinforces the feeling that things are getting better. Nice work.

    • Thanks, Linda. It had been raining for days and it let up for a few minutes, just enough time for me to grab this shot. I love the willows when they are just starting to leaf. Spring is a long time coming in this area so it’s uplifting to see things like this.

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