15 responses to “6 6 13

  1. HI Ken. I like this, but it is something that I would never have done. If you don’t mind explaining what your thinking was that led to this composition I would love to hear it.

    • Thanks, ehpem. I have always taken great care in alignment of the seascapes and lens corrections so that the lines were straight. I like the discipline of that practice, too. But this week I also wanted to try a little experiment to put a diagonal line through the photo to create some tension in an otherwise peaceful composition. The cloud pattern was very nice over the lake and I grabbed a few shots. I picked this as my favorite and I’m very happy with the results although I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t like this sort of thing. Disperser has an interesting observation on it as well, that it forces the viewer to look more closely. I actually hadn’t thought of that.

      • Thanks for the answers. It is interesting to find new ways to think about the process of taking or modifying shots. The concept of tension in design is something I don’t understand well enough – I sense it, but I find it hard to analyse.
        That dark grey water is very nice. It might be interesting to do one of these with the proportions of sky and water reversed – it certainly would feel different.

  2. One possible reason, as near as I can guess without knowing, is that it makes you pay attention to the photograph. The scene is a generic subject, so presenting it such forces the viewer to look at it more closely.

    The interesting thing to me is that having the photo slightly out of level generally detracts from the image (photographer was not paying attention), but having it as above, it’s often called “art”.

    Regardless, nice presentation.

    • Thanks, Emilio. I’ve seen thousands of photos that were unintentionally off-kilter (my own included) but some are so interesting otherwise that you don’t notice it immediately and it becomes unimportant. Interesting thought, though.

  3. Upside down and inside out!

    When I first saw this (as a thumbnail in reader) I thought it was the earth taken from space. The lake was the dark space behind, the actual sky with clouds implied a very slight roundness of mother earth.

    Thought perhaps you had hitched a ride to the space station!

  4. Slightly tilted horizons tend to drive me crazy. Plain old loco in fact. But when it is obviously intentional like this it does not bother me one bit. Nicely done sir.

  5. This image is certainly open to many interpretations, and if I may add, here’s mine. It wasn’t so much as the subject, it was more of what I felt, with the horizon being tilted, I felt like it transported me to a slowly sinking boat, where I was able to get a glimpse of the heavens just before I disappear into the water.

    Yeah, I guess I have a wild imagination today.

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