6 13 13

# 5669

# 5669


14 responses to “6 13 13

  1. What a wonderfully cosmic/celestial abstract. I think the effect is enhanced by the brightness to the left – as if there is a giant bright object nearby. This is so much more than decaying paint, or whatever the heck it was before you took it’s picture away for transformation.

    • Thanks, ehpem. It’s not paint but it is included in the latest “Cosmic” series I have going on. I’ve showed photos from the “cosmic cement” and “cosmic ice” series here before and this if from the “cosmic cookie sheet” series, in which I photograph cookie sheets. This takes on the blue of the sky (slightly enhanced) in the patina of the sheet. The sheets are many years old but they serve their purpose well.

  2. Beautiful abstraction. I see an octopuss,( after 90° right rotation ) but I may be wrong. The title is the date of today, and the reason of it is a mistery to me. The colors are beautiful.

    • Thanks, Pierre. You have a fertile imagination. The post titles are always the date in whice the post first takes place because I’m too lazy to think up anything else.

  3. I disavow any knowledge of gross cookie sheets. Martha Stewart calls me all the time to find out how I keep mine so pristine.

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