7 8 13

# 6218

# 6218


4 responses to “7 8 13

  1. Ken, this is wonderfully subtle. That it cannot quite be read is of course maddening, but goes will with not quite being able to figure out what this textured object is. I am suppose a car part. But I don’t really need to know, do I?

    • Thanks, ehpem. It is a car part and I realize it’s difficult to read but I wanted just a suggestion of some letters to show up. It’s very much straight out of the camera.

      • This shot made me go look at an old ignition key that my neighbour found in her garden, and gave to us. It now decorates the spot where keys are supposed to be hung, and has a crest on it and the word ‘Ford’ over the top, incorporated into the perforation for the key ring. It would probably make an interesting shot.

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