8 19 13

# 5779

# 5779


13 responses to “8 19 13

  1. The last Delorean I saw was in Michigan this spring. It was parked behind a building, and had been stripped down (the car, not the building) and some sort of odd rack welded to the roof. It was odd. And sad.

    (PS – Loved the Back to the Future reference in an earlier comment!)

    • Thanks, Melinda. I wanted one of these cars when they first went on sale and I still want one. The lines are classic. After the Delorean scandal they couldn’t give them away but I still couldn’t afford one.

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  3. Classic car for sure. I like the way the left vent or window or whatever it is looks like it is sticking out at right angles to everything else in the photo, at least at first glance.

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