9 5 13

# 7255

# 7255


13 responses to “9 5 13

          • Well, let’s look at the evidence . . .

            The Title – – – > 9 5 13

            The Content – – – > 5-22-13

            While slightly different in format, I’ve come to the conclusion both represent dates. By this I mean the convention of marking time by an arbitrary mode of time measurement based on solar cycles, and not the fruit, nor the social song-and-dance practiced by humans with the aid of alcohol and poor judgment.

            Based on my conclusion, and assuming I’m right, there is definitively an expectation set forth by the title. An expectation that is clearly not met by the content.

            Granted, in the broader sense, one could argue both are dates, hence the relationship between the two is valid. I, on the other hand, am anal retentive, and hold to a narrower interpretation, resulting in clearly the two not being related. Hence . . . fake-out.

            Not bitching about it; merely pointing out I saw right through the ruse.

          • While I will admit to acknowledging that you are entitled to your point of view, and without trying to defend the post title vs post content, and without the intent of offending any readers, subscribers or curiosity seekers, I would like to propose an alternate resolution to the problem without actually admitting that there is an actual problem, which is to say that the post title is only coincidentally the publish date and therefor not related to the post content at all. This is further reinforced by the date the photo was actually taken, 9/1/2013. Thank you for your concern and have an A1 day!

          • Cool! I can now clear my mind of this worrisome item. My life, at least as it relates to this post, is measurably better. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

            (FYI . . . though not by choice, these last few weeks I’ve had some practice writing in semi-legalese. I got to tell you it is nowhere near as much fun as writing the above. Thanks for playing along, and thus providing a small measure of enjoyment.)

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