8 responses to “11 7 13

  1. I am wondering where that missing slice of sky is going to end up. I will keep my eye on your other pictures, I think it will show up eventually.

    I like the missing bit – it goes well with the angle of the clouds. And it is far from the usual.

    • Thanks, ehpem. I saw this in my minds eye when I shot it but I had some difficulty interpreting it. As far as I know, the PNG file format is the only one that supports transparency. Original file was too big for WordPress so I had to downsize it. Twice.

      • Your reply made me think I am missed something about transparency, and when I enlarged I see that corner is transparent, not missing. Cool. That could be fun to work with, especially against certain backgrounds.

        • Yes, the upper right corner is actually missing from the file, not just the photo. Usually, if you trim a corner and save a file as a jpg the missing corner gets filled in with white. The transparency support is the beauty of the PNG format.

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