7 21 14




3 responses to “7 21 14

  1. Eppur si muove . . .

    I too should say something profound . . . tomorrow is always tomorrow. I wonder if that’s what the moody Blues meant with the title Days of Future Past?

    • I was never sure whst th Moody Blues meanr with some of their lyrics, but it didn’t stop me from appreciating their music. Besides, there were some wonderful drugs available to them (and many who listened to them) that encouraged creativity. I always wondered if that approach would improve a photographer’s output.

      • It was many years later that I actually listened to the lyrics . . . voices in songs are for me are akin to another instrument. They don’t have to mean anything; they just have to add to the sound presentation.

        As for drugs and creativity . . . I never bought into that. Besides, these days we have plugins.

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