24 responses to “11 6 14

  1. On the technical side, I’ve noticed a similar effect can often be created in a photograph by reducing the Clarity slider in Adobe Camera Raw. Did you do that (or something similar in other software) here, or is this just how the scene looked?

    • Thanks, Steve. To answer your question requires a yes and no answer. This is actually a double exposure. One shot had increased clarity while the second had reduced clarity in Lightroom. Both shots were overlaped in Photoshop and blended together. It’s a case where, if a shot doesn’t work like you thought, you still can salvage a usable image.

    • Thanks, ehpem. I’ve never made a multiple exposure in the DSLR, though it’s capable of it. As much as I’d like to give it a try, I prefer to do it in software. The possibilities are endless and completely editable. I like the idea of the preconceived plan of a multi-exposure shot, thought. Or even shooting several shots that will be combined in post production, like the great Jerry Uelsmann does with prints. I’m working on a technique but it’s far from perfect.

        • Each year I have a book of photos made by AdoramaPix with copies for Christmas presents for a few people I care about. I just finished it today because there is 30% off through 11/9/14. Interested? Use coupon code PXHBOOKS14. They make a very high quality book and if you have problems, the customer service is excellent. btw: this is not a paid endorsement.

        • . . . Id’ have to find the intersection of people who 1) I care about, 2) like what I do, and 3) are interested in having a permanent record of all my Disperser rants .

          I’m guessing that intersection is a singularity.

          But interesting to hear. I’ll keep it in mind for future consideration.

          • I’m not interested in points 2 or 3. The photos I pick are my personal choices, not necessarily popular with anyone other than myself. The people in point 1 know this and therefore give me license. Besides, there are only 42 photos in the book, no one has to spend a lot of time contemplating it unless they want to.

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