3 16 15




12 responses to “3 16 15

  1. I love this, Ken! I’ve never seen a sky like that, or never seen it captured like this. It reminds me of a sheet of aluminum. Of course the trees are pretty wonderful, too. I like their respectful relationship—not getting in each other’s space. Or maybe the younger one on the right is deferring to the older one. Bare tree branches against the sky have been done before, but I’m glad that didn’t deter you for adding one more version to the mix.

    • Thanks, Linda. This was shot from a second story window at the Museum but it is at the height of a third story window and looking streight out. It’s a nice vantage point, especially when there is an interesting sky for a background.

    • Thanks, elmediat. I’ve shot these trees many times from this vantage point at different times of the year. I find it interesting to observe the changes due to the weather, season and daily conditions. The possibilities seem endless.

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