8 6 15




20 responses to “8 6 15

  1. Very nice. Your choice of exposure makes me re-think options for macro photography. Also, I really like the subtle transition from closed bud to open flower.

    • Thanks, ehpem. I liked the two flowers in the square frame, too. I was testing a Tokina macro lens and I shot at different f-stops to see the effect. The lens is a keeper, focusing fast, smooth and very accurate. Much better than the old one I’ve been using. There is no “lens creep” either.

        • Contrary to some opinions, “lens creep” is not a pervert looking to kidnap your lens. It’s a lens focusing barrel movement when the lens is tilted up or down. This can happen either in auto focus or manual focus. It’s particularly bad for a macro lens because, for a lot of shots, the camera points downward. In the case of my old lens, the greater the camera angle, the faster the creep. I’ve tried to get it repaired but it’s too old and even the manufacturer and 2 other repair shops did not have the parts.

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