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8 responses to “11 21 16

    • Thanks, Linda. It’s Spanish Moss. The top shot is a detail of the bottom shot. Soft window light in the Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park, Rochester, New York. I tried to isolate this plant from everything around it. I just thought it was so beautiful.

  1. I knew right away what this was – I just love Spanish moss so much – when I was growing up, we sued to have Spring vacation off the coast of Georgia – lots of it there. A local conservatory here has a nice batch of it that they keep very healthy (and I see yours is also in a conservatory). Every time I go I can’t resist photographing it. I like what you did with it. There must be many more possibilities. I’ve been thinking of getting back to the conservatory – must do that soon!

    • Thanks, blue. The light is very soft in the Conservatory and I think that helps with shooting this plant. It also tends to grow sort of wild so I use a close-up approach. I like the washed out look and I added a positive vignette to accentuate that look.

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