12 5 16


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    • Thanks, Linda. These were fairly new poles in this area and they had some unusual colors in them, especially with the transformers. Someone asked me what I was shooting and when I showed him he quietly walked away. I could see why. Utility poles are so taken for granted that nobody notices them.

  1. I like the story about the guy who asked what you were shooting – I’ve had that happen, too. And I like shooting telephone poles, very much, often from my car at an odd angle with my phone. OK, I should call them utility poles, but this one is hardly utilitarian in coloring! That’s what surprised me, like everyone else. And OK, I can see that the lights might be that pretty color (what a nice design too) but the cross piece on top – pink? Huh?

    • Thanks, blue. All the poles in this neighborhood were replaced with new ones about a week before this was shot. I think there is some treatment applied to the wood to protect it from the harsh weather they have to endure that might have something to do with the color. It will gradually fade to a gray/brown over time. I’m not sure if the utility company cares that much for aesthetics so there has to be other reasons. If anyone finds these pleasing it’s purely accidental.

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