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  1. I admire your work! You have a fine eye for patterns and detail. I bet you could make a mint with wallpaper design– maybe rugs? Up until that happens, I’ll enjoy your beautiful photographs.

      • How much did you compensate the exposure? I like the sprinkling of flowers that are more saturated, presumably overlapping a dark area on the other exposure.

        • It’s not an in-camera multiple exposure but rather 2 stills shot at the same location and blended in PS. It’s my preferred method now because it’s quite easy, versatile and requires no change in camera setup. But the pre-visualization is still the hardest part of multiple exposures, at least for me. When I was shooting slide film, I liked to shoot a subject first in-focus and then out of focus to get a glow around the subject. It was hard to do in camera but since I printed slides I could match the two together in the enlarger.

          • Ah, I see. I don’t do much in-camera multiple exposure -the pre-visualization part IS hard. So nice results are, for me, more luck than design.

  2. Interesting to read the discussion about double exposures here – I haven’t tried that, I think mainly because, as you both say, it’s hard to pre-visulaize it. I suppose it’s something you just have to go about and DO.

    • Thanks, blue. I would have to look in my camera manual to see if it’s even possible to do a double exposure but really it is very easy to do in post processing. And you’re not limited to two exposures. You can have as many as you want.

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