10 thoughts on “7 24 17

    1. The dress is actually about 5 feet tall. The bowl with the cityscape edge is about 15 inches across (at the top). They are beautifully lit at the museum.

    1. Thanks, Howard. It’s worth a trip to the Corning Museum if you’re ever in the area. Photography is permitted, too. It’s the better part of a day to see everything but you’ll have a blast.

  1. I don’t know how you get such perfect photographs, technically – these are just beautiful. Recently I photographed some Chihuly glass at a museum and the reflections were really too much. These aren’t as reflective as his work is but still, really great job! Feel free to leave helpful hints…

    1. Thanks, Lynn. That’s very kind. These were taken last spring at the Corning Museum of Glass. Most of the exhibits are glass or glass related. These two pieces are behind panes of glass but the lighting is beautifully even throughout the museum. I only brought my little Sony point and shoot and I was happy with the results, but I did see others with much bigger dSLRs. I had been to Corning before and I knew I was going to spend all day there walking around. I struggled with some exhibits because of reflections but they do a terrific job with the lighting throughout. There is a huge Chihuly installation near the entrance and the challenge was to try to get it all in one shot. My plan is to put up a page here dedicated to those photos taken at CMoG. If you’re ever in the area I hope you will be able to go. You won’t be disappointed.

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