7 27 17






I’d like to add that a new page has been added to the lightscatter site dedicated to photos taken at the Corning Museum of Glass earlier this year.  Thanks for visiting.


15 thoughts on “7 27 17

    1. Thanks, Howard. I missed the Lilac Festival in Rochester this year but I did find a beautiful display right here in Webster (Where life is worth living).

    1. thanks, Lynn. I love the lilacs so much I’m going to plant a shrub or two in the back yard. The back faces south so they’ll get plenty of sunshine and hopefully, lots of blossoms.

  1. There’s a Corning photo I really like – maybe not of an artwork but of a museum goer. It’s the greenish vertical on the left, more than halfway down, under a photo of a red sculpture made of narrow log-like pieces. It’s very indistinct – love it! (0739)

    1. Thanks, Lynn. That’s a reflection of yours truly. I have a series coming up called “unintentional selfies”, a hazard of shooting shiny and reflective objects. I really do my best to avoid them.

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