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  1. You know it’s funny. I have been shooting at this local botanical garden for years and they have a bonsai collection, sometimes just one or two are on display and yearly they have a ‘bonsai special show’ when they are all out. I have been fascinated with the roots and always thought that the twisted roots would make an interesting project. But I was never happy with the results….the images never looked interesting enough to me.

    And here you come along and BAM…they look fascinating…the roots I mean. So it can be done, as it turns out. Maybe converting to black and white is key to bringing out the abstract. So you’ve inspired me to have another look at what I have shot in the past. Thanks for that! Really.

    • Thanks, Howard. I’m glad you like these. They sort of represent a return to my roots, no pun intended (right?!). These were shot on the grounds at the Sodus Point Lighthouse (photo to come) and I shot them just as I shot hundreds of tree roots before. But in the original color version they are uninspiring and easy to dismiss. I decided to just do a straight B&W conversion and adjust the curve to boost the contrast and finish off with the dark frame. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Interesting comments above, that makes sense – I’m so happy it’s easy to make black and white conversions, because it really does bring out the best in some images, especially when you get everything just right, as you’ve done here.

    • Thanks, Lynn. I never left Lightroom to finalize these. My MO is to try to get the best-looking color version I can before converting to B&W. Then I use the color sliders and curve tool to adjust the contrast and shades of gray. To finish. I use the adjustment brush to “burn and dodge” and (in this case) end with a border.

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