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    1. It looks like you enlarge a copy of one layer and then add some shadow to the top-most layer plus wash out the background a bit. I’ll play around with it and see how it looks.

      However, if you have the step by steps, it might be useful to people who have commented on it.

      That’s one thing I should also do more often; a few how-tos.

      1. Your solution would surely work. Here’s what I do to get the results you see here:
        – I make a copy of the shot in LR after it’s edited to my satisfaction (this is the top layer
        – I remove all the edits from the original except for the necessary edits to at least make it presentable (this is the bottom layer)
        – bring the original and the copy into PS. I suppose you could use any editor that supports layers, like Elements
        – make a blank layer on top of the original file and copy the edited layer into the new blank layer.
        – using the transform tool, resize the top layer (edited version) to your preference. I turn on the guidelines for a little more precision
        – I use a Stroke and Drop shadow layer style on the top layer but you can use whatever your heart desires
        – save and it should show up in LR where I finish it with my black border preset (under Effects, Amount = -100, Midpoint = 50, Roundness = -100, Feather = 95, Highlights = 0) If you want a white border, change the Amount to +100.

        I’ve tried this effect using two different photos, too. I suppose there are endless possibilities but I suppose the trick is to come up with combinations that you will eventually be pleased with. Heck, why stop at two photos?

        1. I’ve written a lot of actions for the Museum because they involve processing large numbers of files. I don’t know if I’ll be doing a lot of this technique but the nice thing about actions is that they are fast, efficient and precise (provided they are properly written.

    1. My niece wanted a particular photo for Christmas. The frame cost three times what the print cost. The last three prints I had made for myself were metal and don’t require frames.

        1. Check out my long, long, long comment above. The actual assembly of two images isn’t too difficult, especially someone with your PS background. If you have any specific questions, please feel free.

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