5 4 20

Oh, that magic feeling
Nowhere to go…


Right click in the photo and press “Open image in a new tab” to see a larger version.

Over one million Earths would fit inside the sun.   I read it on a Snapple bottle cap, so it must be true.


18 thoughts on “5 4 20

    1. Thanks, Howard. I was interested in the highlight on the hand wire and the guard on the opposite side forming the triangle. I looked nice even in the viewfinder.

  1. Beautiful composition and treatment.

    As for nowhere to go . . . it looks like you have a green light, but I wouldn’t advise it.

    And for the sun . . . first, you’d have to hollow it out, and then we face the next two problems; where to put the stuff once you removed it, and where do we find 1M+ Earths?

    1. Thanks, E. I have plenty of room in my back yard to put any stuff from the sun. I’d appreciate the extra heat since they are calling for a lot of snow headed our way. As for finding 1M Earths – there are a lot of planets that are the size of Earth that are available. The universe is so vast and they probably won’t be missed.

        1. I do have a huge back yard. And it gets huger as the grass gets longer. Just joking. There’s no grass back there. Just weeds. But some of the weeds look like grass as long as I’m not wearing my glasses.

  2. Beautiful image, very calm and serene – >>> Oh, that magic feeling Nowhere to go… Soon we’ll be away from here, step on the gas and wipe that tear away, one sweet dream came true today????? You’re talking to a very long-term Beatles fan here! 🙂

  3. You made skillful use of selective color, not to mention the composition and framing. It does look like a good place to be when you have nowhere to go. Or maybe a place to rest after working too hard, stuffing all those earths into the sun. 😉

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I did tone down the blue in the water a bit. Not too much as the usual color of the water is either brown or green. I like the muted tones for this.

  4. The first thing that I noticed and what made the photo trigger my imagination was the green spot and the end of the breakwater. As Lynn points out: good use of selective colour. In addition the composition is strong and captivating, enhanced by the panoramic format of the frame.

    1. Thanks, Otto. Years ago I used to hand color small details in black and white photos I made in the darkroom. I tried to be as accurate as my memory allowed. This is much easier a digital format.

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