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Right-click in the photo and press “Open image in a new tab” to see a larger version.

A honeybee can fly at 15 miles per hour.   I read it on a Snapple bottle cap, so it must be true.

24 thoughts on “6 15 20

    1. Thanks, Howard. This is one of the first shots on the new LED light table I got last year. I had this post scheduled weeks ago and it’s really a coincidence that it is posted in the same time frame as your post. I hope to be doing more with the lightbox using a strong full sun front light. in the near future. Keep that inspiration flowing.

    1. Thanks, E. I have more work to do on the lightbox so stay tuned. I don’t know about the right-click thingy, though. It works on three computers here and 2 Chromebooks. I will continue looking into it though.

          1. What I like about the Apple mouse is that the top surface functions as a touchpad. When it comes to keyboards, though, I still prefer the old clickety-clack kind.

        1. I have a PC.

          Normally (as in my posts and some others), the photo is inserted as a link. This is controlled by the menu when you insert a photo (it also control how large you show the photo when opened as a link.

          For me, these are not links.

          If it were a link, even if all you do is click on it, it opens the photo (either on the same tab or a new tab). If it were a link, Right-click brings up the menu which includes the option to open the link (photo) in a new tab or window.

          On this blog (and only on this blog) all I get is the option to view the image (the same size image), copy the image, save the image, etc.

          No option to open in another tab or window. Essentially, it means it’s not a link. If it works for others, it is strange indeed. I don’t know of a mechanism where links are disabled for only one website.

          1. So, one thing . . . when I right-click, the option to “view image” does give me a slightly larger version of the photo (I don’t know how big it’s supposed to be; it looks almost twice as large.

            However, it opens in the same tab because there’s no option to open in a separate tab.

    1. Thanks, Jane. I wanted a random arrangement of the petals so I dropped them on the lightbox from about 2 feet. I did just a little rearranging but I was satisfied with what I got for the most part.

  1. I was going to ask how you chose the arrangement; you answered that in your previous reply. It’s interesting that a random dropping put you close to where you felt you should be.

    1. Actually, I shot several arrangements but I didn’t realize that each time I dropped the petals they spread a fine dust on the lightbox that I had to clone out later. I’ll know better next time.

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