6 22 20


Right-click in the photo and press “Open image in a new tab” to see a larger version.

The jaguar, the largest cat in the Western Hemisphere, once lived all over the Southern US.  I read it on a Snapple bottle cap, so it must be true.

12 thoughts on “6 22 20

  1. Exquisite! Are those Hostas? You know me, I always like to identify plants. 😉 It’s just fantastic seeing the roots with the shoots, even if they’re not the roots that went with the shoots. 😉 Beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Lyn. Yes, the top portion of the shot are hostas just as they start to emerge. I would guess the tallest is 3 inches. I had to rest the camera on the ground, flip up the back screen and compose. The Oly lets me fire just by touching the screen. I’ve actually tried to take a shot similar to this with the Niko but, without the articulating screen, it was very difficult. I used my normal lens with a 10mm auto extension tube.

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