19 thoughts on “7 27 20

    1. Thanks, Howard. This is the entrance to the park and one of the first shots I took. After almost 200 shots, this was the best as far as I was concerned.

  1. Most Americans don’t know that the flavors in the two most popular kinds of ice cream both originally came from Mexico (though the plants are now cultivated in many other places).

    1. If I had a personal favorite flavor of ice cream it’s chocolate and orange (chocolate orange). I had it first at an Italian ice cream place on East Ave many years ago. Hard to find now. I’ve tried to make it myself by mixing the two flavors and it was good but not as good as I remember from that store on East Ave.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. It’s probably obvious this is one of my favorite spots to photograph. I love it for its extraordinary beauty as well as simplicity.

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